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Protect your vehicle and bring out that beautiful shine with our hand wax! We use the best waxes available to ensure that your vehicle looks its best while fighting off contaminants that can damage your vehicles surface! Add our hand wax to any wash! It only takes about thirty minutes.

Why wax?

All major manufacturers recommend waxing regularly to protect the clear coat.
– Waxing creates a protective barrier around your vehicle, keeping it free of potential hazards
– Salt, Industrial Fallout, Wind, Dirt, Debris, Pollutants, and many other contaminants are everywhere, looking to destroy your paint
– Even the sun can harm your vehicle’s surface!
– Wax helps prevent clear coat breakdown, prolonging the life of your paint
– Utah winters are notorious for reeking havoc on otherwise beautiful paint jobs!
– Wax makes your car shiny!
– Waxing your vehicle every 2-3 months will keep your paint looking good for years to come!

*Exterior Wash Required

Additional Information

Type of Car

Car, Truck / Wagon / Crossover, Minivan / Suburban/ 3rd row Vehicles

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