Boats and Motorcycles


Boats and Motorcycles


Product Description

It’s a known fact that clean toys are more fun than dirty toys! Let Platinum Car Wash be your toy-detailing headquarters!


Nothing takes the “cool” factor out of a motorcycle like dirt. With the perfect touch of TLC, our detail professionals hand wash your motorcycle, focusing on all of those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. We use compressed air and microfiber towels to dry your motorcycle, so there are no drips or spots left behind. We protect and shine your bike with a hand wax, and we take extra care to polish up all of the chrome. We clean your leather seats and saddle bags and apply a leather conditioner to keep that leather looking fresh and protected. We finish it off by cleaning your wheels, tires, and pipes.


Boats are a ton of fun, but lake water is messy! Our detail professionals can rid
your boat of the messes left behind after a day on the lake – both inside and out.


Scrub all hard surfaces
Clean Nooks & Crannies
Shampoo Carpets
Clean floor under carpets
Clean and treat vinyl
Clean windows & mirrors
Clean inside all storage compartments


AcidWash(removes hard water)
HandWashBoat & Trailer
Clean Tower
Wax Boat & Trailer
Clean/Detail/Wax Rims
Shine Tires

Our detail services can be customized for your boat or motorcycle,
so you only pay for what you need! Stop by today for an estimate!
Don’t forget! We can also detail ATVs, snow mobiles, wave runners,
trailers, dirt bikes…

If it can be detailed, we can detail it!


Price: Per Estimate Only
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