Raise Money with Our Fundraising Program!

At Platinum Car Wash, our fundraiser program is a year-round opportunity for any St. George area school club or community group to earn money fast and easy. All you have to do is sell car wash tickets and your group or club gets to keep half the proceeds. We provide everything you need to get started.

  • We print the car wash tickets.
  • You determine how many you want to sell.
  • Your team keeps half the proceeds.
  • No money due until the fundraiser selling period is over. Any unsold wash tickets can be turned in with the money collected.

group_handsWe take the hassle out of fundraising. Just sell car wash tickets to people who need car washes.
We have helped over 50 local school clubs, competitive dance, cheer and sports teams, church groups raise money to help them achieve their goals!

Success story: Ute Conference Football sold 550 car wash tickets which earned them $2,750. That money helped off-set the cost of uniforms and travel expenses. It was so successful that they have participated in several other fundraisers with us.

For information on why parking lot car washes are harmful to the environment click here.
For more information contact susan@platinumcarwash.com

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